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Why book a combo with us?

The way we shoot on your wedding day compliments both the capturing of the wedding video, as well as the photos. This means that time is used much more effectively, and we also shoot a more natural and flowing style, focusing on spontaneous moments as they happen. There are obviously a few photos that need to be posed, so we do cover those as well. Working together as a team, we understand each other, and we never get in each other's way. We also love shooting with natural/available light, as a photographer that uses flash photography unfortunately never works with video. One of the other advantages is that we work together on the schedule for the day, so there will never be clashing schedules, and you only have to deal with one service provider. In general, we produce much more consistently good videos and photos working together as a team with a combo. We are unobtrusive, and as a husband and wife team, we don't make a massive film set out of your wedding.

Tell us more about your equipment?

We use some of the best, professional camera equipment, and we always have a back-up video and stills camera on site. For the photography, Lardine only shoots with the latest full-frame cameras, and between us we have 8 lenses on site. Both of our cameras shoot to multiple cards, so if there is any chance of one card creating an error, there is a back-up copy on the second card. For the video, Johan shoots with one of the latest professional cinema cameras, and have recently started to offer a full 4K-production option for your wedding. Sound is also important for a wedding video, so we make sure that we also have the right audio equipment available on site. All our packages also include drone filming as standard (weather and location permitting).

Is one videographer and one photographer enough for our wedding?

We have never felt the need to have an assistant with us on the day as we work together efficiently and effectively. We compliment each other in our work if there is a need to assist in any areas during the day. We don't split up on the day, and we schedule everything so that we are able to capture the bride and groom's preparations. But should you wish to have an assistant with us on the day, this can be arranged at an additional small fee. Please let us know what your requirements are.

What is the delivery timeline?

Our delivery timeline is 8-10 weeks. Few people know that the editing is one of the most time-consuming parts of getting your wedding delivered. We want to make sure that we deliver a quality product.

Do you keep back-ups?

Not only do we shoot to multiple memory cards on your wedding, we also keep a back up of your wedding videos and photos off-site. After delivery, we keep the material for a maximum of 6 months.

Do you do photo books?

We do photo books yes. They are very customizable, and we often discuss your requirements and photo book layout after delivery of your wedding videos and photos. And pricing is also dependant on your requirements etc.

What is the difference between a short film and a highlights video?

A highlights video is a 3-5min cinematic edit that captures the essence of your wedding day. These are the videos you see on our website and Facebook page. A short Film is basically an extended highlights video, and is often between 12-15 minutes (sometimes longer). It is a beautifully put together edit with sections from the preparations, venue and decor, ceremony, couples shoot, as well as main parts of the speeches. We then also deliver the full ceremony and speeches edits as well.

How do you deliver?

All your wedding videos and photos are delivered on USB. The videos are in a high resolution so you can simply plug the USB into your television and enjoy at the best possible quality. This also makes it easier to share with your family and friends, and to create back-ups.

Travel fees?

We are based in Nelspruit, but we do have a very competitive travel fee, as well as a flat travel rate for Gauteng weddings. The first 100km travel is free.

Is 4K worth the extra spending?

4K is definitely the way forward. We have invested in being able to shoot, edit and deliver our videos in 4K. The quality is exceptional! The reason for the premium is that shooting in 4K is much more data intense, which means much more storage is needed, and the editing process and exporting also takes longer that normal High Definition.